Removable Appliances

During orthodontic treatment, removable appliances may be used to influence jaw growth or to stabilize new bite positions. Often, they are utilized in conjunction with orthodontic treatment.

Not wearing these appliances as instructed may cause the teeth, jaws and muscles to shift back toward their original positions.

Proper care and wear of the removable appliances is essential.

  • Wear your appliance at all times as instructed. However, you may remove for eating, swimming and when participating in vigorous sport activities.
  • Do not flip your appliance with your tongue. In doing so, you may break the appliance or damage your teeth.
  • It is normal to experience soreness for a day or two after your appliance is placed, and following an adjustment. If your gum is sore in a particular area, contact us so that we can adjust the appliance for your comfort.
  • Brush your appliance each day. You can use denture cleaner for a more thorough cleaning. If a bonded wire retainer has been placed behind your front teeth, be sure to clean the wire and the area around it carefully. Floss daily.
  • Do not wrap your appliance in a napkin or tissue and leave it on the table. You or someone else may accidently throw it away. Never place it in your pocket. When you are not wearing your appliance, place it in your case.
  • Do not store your appliance near heat and keep it away from dogs or cats. They love to chew on appliances.
  • Never boil your retainer to sterilize it. Bring it to the office. We’ll be glad to disinfect it for you.
  • You may be required to pay a fee to repair or replace a broken or lost appliance.


Headgear is often used to correct an excessive overbite. This is done by placing pressure against the upper teeth and jaw, which would hold the teeth in position or help move them into better positions. The severity of the problem determines the length of time headgear needs to be worn. The key to success with your headgear appliance is consistency. Headgear must be worn a certain number of hours per day, and if not, it must be made up the following day.

Headgear should never be worn while playing sports and should also be removed while eating or brushing your teeth.

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